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A Solid Foundation?

There aren't many writers of popular fiction who've been a poorer fit with Hollywood over the years than Isaac Asimov. Though he wrote hyper-prolifically in the celluloid-friendly genre of science fiction and inspired several generations of nerdy boys (including this one), his books have rarely made the leap to the big screen--and when they have, they've been largely unrecognizable (yes, Bicentennial Man and I, Robot, I'm looking at you).

So the news that producers Bob Shaye and Michael Lynne, who as co-chairmen of New Line helped make the Lord of the Rings trilogy a cinematic reality, are now tackling Asimov's most celebrated--and, arguably, least filmable--work, the Foundation trilogy, is awfully tantalizing. The Hollywood Reporter has the story here. Vulture offers all the reasons why no one should get their hopes up here.

--Christopher Orr