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Now That's What You Call Playing The Race Card

If Obama played the race card "from the bottom of the deck," where did Tennessee Congressional candidate Nikki Tinker play it from--under the table?

The Memphis Flyer reports on a TV ad that Tinker, who is black, is running against her Democratic primary opponent, U.S. Representative Steve Cohen, who is white and who represents a majority-black district in West Tennessee:

The ad, which has run at scattered intervals on local television, beginning Friday, focuses on a vote some years ago by Cohen, while a member of the Center City Commission, against a proposal by lawyer and former county commissioner Walter Bailey to excavate and remove the body of the late Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest from Forrest Park.


Among the things that stuck in the craw of Cohen's supporters, including several prominent ministers and public officials, was the ad's juxtaposition of Cohen's image next to those of Ku Klux Klansmen.

Yeah, I could see how that might stick in someone's craw. Stay classy, Nikki Tinker! 

--Jason Zengerle