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Mccain-hating Mccain Donors

Michael Luo in The New York Times has more information on the questionable McCain bundling that was the subject of yesterday's Washington Post story. Luo reports that some of the donors whose checks were bundled don't even like McCain:

[Palestinian immigrant Faisal Abdullah] told his friends and relatives that the contributions were tax-deductible, something he later seemed surprised to learn from a reporter was not true. Many in his circle appear to have little affection for Mr. McCain but said they gave mostly as a favor to Mr. Abdullah.

Abdullah Makhlouf, the owner of a discount stereo store who is one of Mr. Abdullah’s closest friends, and his wife contributed $9,200.

“He’s like a worse copy than Bush,” Mr. Makhlouf said of Mr. McCain.

When a reporter initially contacted Mr. Makhlouf, he denied giving to the McCain campaign.

After eventually admitting to the donation, Mr. Makhlouf added, “I’m still not going to vote for him.”

Again, there isn't any direct evidence of anything illegal going on here, but...weird.

--Josh Patashnik