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Oh Condi!

Condi Rice to Politico, on whether America would be safe under a president Obama:

"Oh, the United States will be fine,” she responded. “I think that we are having an important debate about how we keep the country safe. I think we are having an important debate about our responsibilities, our obligations, our interests in the Middle East in the wake of the now increasing evidence of success in Iraq. Those are important judgments for the American people to make.”

Compare this to, say, Hillary's "3 a.m./red phone" ads, or Bill Clinton's weirdly minimalist assurance that Obama meets the Constitutional requirements to be president, and you get the sense that Rice is rather more comfortable with the idea of Obama running the country than the Clintons are.

P.S. And because it's been a musical summer around here--and because I think I saw him on the street last week--here's Steve Earle's funny homage to Condi. 

--Michael Crowley