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Comment Of The Day: Grassroots Celebrities

Jason wasn't too worried by MoveOn's criticism of Obama, and in the comments, mcgumbleton thought Obama's grassroots mobilization allowed for Paris Hilton's successful rebuttal:

It also misses the point: the best possible way to respond to McCain's juvenile-ness was for Paris herself to do it - and she came off way more high-minded than he did. She made McCain look infintile and now McCain is getting into a pissing match with someone he tried to portray as empty-headed. It both diminishes McCain and the message he was trying to convey in his attack ad.

Did the Obama campaign orchestrate Paris' response? Doubtful. BUT the way he has set up his campaign - as a grassroots, bottom-up enterprise, using social media and boots on the ground as a driving force - has paved the way for such actions as these outside his campaign. His way of organizing his campaign is much different than these old school political consultants would do. It's grassroots vs air war (media). Eli Pariser only uses his grassroots to sign petitions and raise money for ads - Obama's grassroots are the center of gravity of his campaign.