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Reader Contest: Pick The V.p., Win A Prize!

TNR is holding its first ever "Name That Veep" sweepstakes! Predict who the Democratic nominee will choose as his running mate, and you'll win signed copies of executive editor J. Peter Scoblic's acclaimed new book U.S. vs. Them, editor Franklin Foer's How Soccer Explains The World, senior editor Jonathan Chait's The Big Con, and possibly more depending on who else is in the office that day. Ties will be determined by guessing the date and time the announcement will occur. "The Price Is Right" rules apply: A minute past the actual announcement time and you're too late. You can revise your vote as often as you like, with only the most recent counting. The winning entry as of midnight on the day before the announcement will take home the prize. (So if the pick is announced on Monday, August 11, the best entry posted by 12:00 a.m. Sunday wins.) Good luck to all the contestants!

--The Editors