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Why Famous Men Keep Having Affairs

Maureen Dowd's column today on the John Edwards scandal reminded me of a pet peeve I have. Dowd writes:

Still, it’s bizarre the way these pols spend millions getting their faces plastered everywhere and then think they can do something in secret. “Yeah, I didn’t think anyone would ever know about it, I didn’t,” Edwards said.

You hear this sort of thing a lot: Why do people cheat when they are so likely to get caught? In a similar vein, why do politicans commit illegal or corrupt acts while the memory of Watergate is on everyone's mind? Well, probably because most famous politicians who cheat do not get caught! Every time a scandal breaks, people love the throw up their hands and say, "Aha, caught again. When will they ever learn?" But how many famous politicians are conducting affairs right now that will never be discovered? 

--Isaac Chotiner