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More On The Clinton Convention Saga

If you needed any proof that Barack Obama was prepared to negotiate (generously, by the way) with the most vicious and meretricious of enemies all you have to have done is watched his high-stake transactions with the Clintons.  I posted a Spine yesterday about this, and I've now read an article by Edward Luce in the week-end FT that provides you with more details and a slightly different perspective, one more clarifying as to her stakes and to the lengths hubby Bill would go to advance them.

The poor yet-to-be-named vice presidential nominee has already gotten short shrift from what is already settled. Bill will speak on the night of, but before the veep is designated. The running-mate will be lucky If he gets into prime time.  My advice to the Obama operation is not to let anyone from the Harry Thomason operation anywhere near Denver.

Think back to the 2000 L.A. convention when that operation virtually stole the show from Al Gore. Clinton's majestic entrance could have been designed by Albert Speer and Leni Riefenstal.  Bill barely mentioned Al's name.