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Hillary In Prime Time [corrected]

Update: I sloppily referred to Hillary's slot as the "keynote." But that hasn't been announced yet. Revised item follows:

This was reported a couple of weeks ago but now confirmed via the early official DNCC schedule. I don't know that Obama had any other choice than to give Hillary a major prime-time speaking slot. As the convention schedule fills out, it's interesting to ask who else should be featured onstage. In particular, what rising star might be the Barack Obama 2004 of 2008?

Here's one thought: Alabama Congressman Artur Davis. Can he give a good convention-hall speech?

Also missing as of now from the public DNC schedule is any clue as to how Ted Kennedy will be recognized, but that's sure to be an emotional focal point of the week.

P.S. And what about Gore?

--Michael Crowley