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Is Henry Wallace On The New Republic Staff Again?

John Judis has often had a soft spot for America's enemies.  Here he goes again.

1) He lists "the U.S. And Cuba" alongside "Germany and Belgium" and "Iraq and Kuwait" in a list of interstate relationships that exemplify "the old story of large countries attempting to subjugate small ones." Right, because America's anti-Castro policy of the last 50 years is in any way morally comparable to the Kaiser ransacking Belgium (I can't believe that even he would compare us to the Nazis) or Saddam Hussein annexing Kuwait as Iraq's 19th province.

2) He writes that "the takeover of Czechoslovakia after World War II (as opposed to the takeover of, say, Lithuania earlier) was not an inevitable outgrowth of Soviet foreign policy."

There is nothing less than Henry Wallace, doughface tripe.

Update: Judis' item obviously upset me. And I have had my differences with John over the years. (As you know, I revel in intellectual give-and-take) But re-reading this item a few hours later, I realize that my rhetoric was a bit too rough. Since our disagreements are fierce, I wish my language had been less angry.