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Chinese Dissident Of The Day, Pt. 4

Name: Huang Qi

Date of Incarceration: 6/3/00-6/4/05; 6/10/08-present 

Crime: In June of 1998, Huang and his wife started a website,, devoted to tracking down the victims of human trafficking. Despite the site's numerical reference to the 6/4/89 Tiananmen Square massacre, it was at first praised by the Chinese media. After Huang posted an article about Falun Gong as well as pieces written by exiled dissidents, however, he was arrested in 2000, detained until 2003, and jailed until 2005. After this May's devastating Sichuan earthquake, Huang began using his website to help parents investigate the collapse of school buildings. On June 10, police in Chengdu detained him "on suspicion of illegally possessing state secrets." His lawyers and family members have been denied access to him, and Huang has not been seen since. 

Fact: Huang was the first person in China to be arrested for posting controversial human rights and political content on his own website. 

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--Nicole Allan