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The Dowd Effect

You like Maureen Dowd. You don't like Maureen Dowd. Sometimes it depends on whom she's skewering.

Frankly, I still hold her responsible for Al Gore's loss. What with all the around the uncounted ballots, there must have been 500 Florida voters who voted for Bush who were persuaded not to vote for Gore by Dowd. That should be on her conscience, though I'm not sure it is.

To the extent that this is true she also helped to defeat Hillary Clinton, for which I am grateful. As an Obama supporter, of course. But also as a Democrat ... and as a democrat.

I'm afraid that Barack has trusted her too much in the aftermath of battle. But for Hillary there is no aftermath of battle.   Maureen's headline for this morning's column is "Yes, she can." To which my post-script is, "Yes, she will."

By which I mean, she will sabotage Obama and so will her oddly faithful husband.