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Chinese Dissident Of The Day, Pt. 5

Name: Hada

Age: 53 

Date of Incarceration: 3/9/96-present

Crime: In the early 1990s, Hada, an ethnic Mongolian writer and editor, advocated for Mongolian freedom and self-determination through the Southern Mongolian Democratic Alliance. He was eventually jailed for "inciting separatism" and "espionage," and is rumored to have become quite sick in prison. His wife, Xinna, recently lobbied the Chinese government to release her husband before the Olympics. She has not received a response. 

Factoid: Hada and Xinna used to run a bookstore in Hohhot, the capital of Inner Mongolia. After Hada was arrested, Xinna posted a notice on the bookstore's door, inciting a student protest against Chinese authorities that led to the arrest of 12 students as well as Xinna herself. 

More Info: Reuters

--Nicole Allan