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John Mccain, Comedian

Mike already noted the McCain campaign's attempts to shield the candidate from questions about Jerome Corsi's new book, but before Brooke Buchanan could shoo away the press, McCain did offer this response:

Gotta keep your sense of humor.

Which calls to mind the response he gave NPR when it asked him about his campaign comparing Obama to Paris Hilton

I strongly recommend that people who don't find humor in that relax, turn off the computer and go on it and get some fresh air and try to regain some —

Which, of course, is a stark contrast to McCain's sentiments eight years ago in the run-up to the South Carolina Primary, when he was the one being smeared. As Time recently reported:

During a commercial break in a debate there, Bush put his hand on McCain's arm and swore he had nothing to do with the slander being thrown at his opponent. "Don't give me that shit," McCain growled. "And take your hands off me."

I think I prefer Angry McCain to Funny McCain.

Update: The McCain campaign says McCain didn't hear the question about Corsi's book. 

--Jason Zengerle