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Chinese Dissident Of The Day, Pt. 7


Age: 42

Duration of incarceration: Started a four year sentence in May 2008

Crime: Alleged fraud and extortion. Qi, a journalist, first drew the government's attention when he criticized low-ranking officials in the city of Tengzhou for beating a local woman who arrived late to work. He also posted a picture of a luxurious government building on an online discussion forum in June 2007. According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, Qi was originally detained in June 2007 for holding a false press card, then was charged with the more serious crimes of fraud and extortion on the last day allowed by the statute of limitations.

Factoid: Held in jail for over a year while authorities attempted to mount their case, Qi finally received a 12-hour trial on May 13th, during which two police officers hit his head against the floor, according to Qi's lawyer. 

More informationCommittee to Protect Journalists

--Eric Zimmermann