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It Ain't Gonna Be Al

Michael Crowley stumped for Al Gore yesterday. Not only stumped for Gore but predicted he was the man.

I can tell you now that there are two political figures who will not be Barack Obama's running mate. One is Ken Salazar whom I've been pushing for months, the last time only last Friday.

The other non-candidate is Al Gore, despite the nearly 80 enthusiastic talkbackers who've been heard from since Crowley's posting. How do I know? I know.

So I am enthusiastic about Joe Biden, very enthusiastic. He's got experience, brains, and patience. He's literate, funny, and deep.

And he also has Antony Blinken as his foreign policy adviser. Tony was once one of Bill Clinton's speechwriters. More important, far more important, he was once a (terrific) reporter-researcher for TNR.

But, all the same, I am not certain that Joe has it nailed down, although it is certainly already nailed down by someone.

Who else might it be? Senator Jack Reed of Rhode Island, a teeny-weeny state which would go Democratic anyway. Reed's assets? He's already announced that he was not interested in being Obama's running mate. First in his class at West Point, he was a infantry platoon leader and higher up the command leader. He is a certified military intellectual. I hear that he's a bit boring.

Oh, there's another reason I'm for Biden. I think I elected him to the U.S. Senate in 1972, one of the youngest ever to serve.