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Lieberman And The Politics Of Personal Pique

If you are like me and you believe that the main reason Joe Lieberman has moved away from the Democratic Party is because he never got over being so roundly rejected by Democratic primary voters in his 2004 presidential race and his 2006 Senate campaign, then don't you think it's possible that Republicans' conniptions over the prospect of his becoming McCain's running mate could temper his enthusiasm for the GOP?

Okay, probably not. But I do hope that when Lieberman gives his speech at the GOP convention, he realizes that the delegates cheering him on are the same people who'd be rioting in the streets if their party ever gave Lieberman anything more than a symbolic honor. In other words, Lieberman's only use to the Republicans is as a sideshow act; and he, of course, has no use anymore to Democrats. So, basically, he truly is a man without a political home. So sad.

--Jason Zengerle