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Veep Reaction Round-up: Brace Yourself For The Coming Deluge Of Hair Plug Gags

Mike Tomasky laments the Evan Bayh pick that wasn’t.

David Corn is a bit tepid on the pick--and relates interesting reporting on Biden’s performance in the runup to Iraq.

Andrews Sullivan says “he wears his flaws like his hair-plugs - out and proud.”

The Standard reposts Andy Ferguson’s hilarious piece on Biden’s campaign book: “His legendary self-regard becomes more impressive when the reader sees it in typescript, undistracted by the smile and the hair plug.”

Michael Sean Winters doesn't think pro-choice Joe will be denied communion in Wilmington. 

Steve Waldman says his Catholicism is no joke.

Mickey is sour on the pick: "Maybe when I get to Denver I'll find someone who'll explain to me why Biden is an inspired choice."

Ezra applauds Obama for moving beyond slogans and attempting to win an argument.