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While You Were Outside, Having A Picnic...

Here's a rundown of TNR's Joe Biden coverage this weekend.

*Jon Cohn explained why Biden is  "very qualified for the job." He also bemoaned the continuing Clinton saga and detailed why--and how--Obama came to make his vice presidential selection. 

*Howard Wolfson, Clinton's former communications director, said that Biden was the best choice of the contenders not named Hillary.

*John Judis likes having Biden around because it shows that Obama "recognizes his own weaknesses."

*Noam Scheiber looked at Biden's potential downsides and came away not that worried.  

*Nate Silver ripped through the numbers to see if Biden would unify the party without alienating independents.

*Marty Peretz thinks Biden's selection--thankfully--marks the end of ten word responses to intricate questions.  

*Michael Crowley noted a major difference between Obama and Biden on Darfur policy and sees in Biden the makings of a first-class attack dog. 

*Eve Fairbanks, on her way to Denver, shared a few dispiriting moments with a die-hard Hillary supporter.  

*Chris Orr wondered if Biden's selection would help Mitt Romney's chances.    

*You can also find TNR's historical coverage of Biden here and a nifty slideshow of the vice presidential candidate--complete with a BMOC high school photo and a truly frightening Halloween one--here.