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Sixty Years Of Arab History By A Liberal Arab Intellectual

The liberal Kuwaiti web site Middle East Transparent carries a serious meditation by Khalil 'Ali Khaidar with an appeal to Arabs and Muslims: "Stop Worldwide Bloodshed." There is no mystery as to where this plea comes from. Anyone who reads the papers or the news on the web or listens to the radio or watches television knows what's happening.  Every day there is one atrocity, two, three, four of them, and more, almost all against other Muslims and Arabs. It cannot be denied, and it won't be conceded by many Muslims and Arabs and not by many liberals and self-styled progressives either.

It is, however, an historical fact. MEMRI, the absolutely invaluable and trustworthy news source for the Middle East and the Muslim world, has it on its website. Read this. The only danger is that you might get drugged on reading its more than daily reports, and there goes a happy view of the world.