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Is Kristol (finally) Getting Some Editing?

Given Bill Kristol's embarrassing string of mistakes in his NYT column, you have to wonder about his lede in today's offering:

The anguished cries of Hillary supporters pierced the midday calm here on Saturday, as Barack Obama confirmed that his vice presidential choice was not Clinton, who got about 18 million votes this year running against him, but rather Joe Biden, who gained the support of a few thousand caucusgoers in Iowa before dropping out of the race.

(OK, I didn’t personally hear any anguished cries from my work space near the Pepsi Center. But I’m an empathetic guy — I felt as if I could hear them.)

Who's Kristol responding to in that parenthetical graf? His conscience?* Voices in his head? Liberal bloggers? Or an editor?

*--Sorry, I forgot, he doesn't have one. 

--Jason Zengerle