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That Famous Kristol Empathy

Jason has already cited Bill Kristol's even-more-dishonest-than-usual column today, in which he cites his "empathetic" feelings for Hillary supporters disappointed that she wasn't chosen for veep. This heartfelt lament comes on the heels of a long blog post at The Weekly Standard (a column draft rejected by the Times? we can hope!) in which he all but bursts into tears at the gender injustices being perpetrated: "Will the Democratic party... accept Obama’s imposition of a glass ceiling at its convention?"

Those fearful for Kristol's emotional wellbeing should recall, though, that his heart has not always bled so for Clinton. As he wrote back in January:

Thank you, Senator Obama. You’ve defeated Senator Clinton in Iowa. It looks as if you’re about to beat her in New Hampshire. There will be no Clinton Restoration. A nation turns its grateful eyes to you.

Something tells me he'll recover from his empathetic moment pretty quickly.

(via Andrew Sullivan) 

--Christopher Orr