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Dept Of Hyperbole: "brink Of Media Disaster"?

The RNC is sending around a column by CQ's Craig Crawford which says the nascent convention "now teeters on the brink of a media disaster," thanks to reports of a lingering Clinton-Obama rift. Craig is a wise man but that's an overstatement. However, the devil finds work for idle hands, and in this case the hands belong to the 15,000 reporters out here without much to do, and the devil is an RNC press operation which is relentlessly forwarding around every scrap of information suggesting tension between the Clinton and Obama camps. Obama's convention will survive, no doubt. But the Republicans are blessed here with the press and public's lingering fascination with the Ciintons, making for a just-add-water controversy of the sort the GOP hasn't had during other recent Democratic conventions.

--Michael Crowley