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P.u.m.a. Hq Spotted!


In search of a panel this afternoon I was roaming through Denver's Oxford hotel, which is packed with Democrats this week, and rounded a corner to find a row of small offices which apparently rent space in the old building. You can imagine my surprise at encountering the  placard above. Eureka! I'd found it--the secret headquarters of the Hillary holdouts who work under the moniker of Party Unity My Ass (P.U.M.A.). Clearly this was where the plot to steal the nomination back from Obama was being hatched. 

I knocked on an open door across the hall, also bearing a P.U.M.A. placard. The friendly woman working inside hardly looked like someone prepared to ruin Obama's coronation. And in fact, she turned out to have nothing to do with Hillary Clinton at all. Apparently P.U.M.A. is also the acronym for a local group--its name begins with "Progressive," but I've already forgotten the rest--with no connection to Democratic party politics. Indeed, the woman was a bit distraught when I explained the double meaning to her. "Oh no!" she said. "But we're all Obama supporters!" Crisis averted.

God is a comedian. 

--Michael Crowley