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Maybe They Took My Advice

There was, what I was told, a carefully scripted and tiny little film 
about Jimmy Carter shown to the convention last night. As far as I 
could tell, however, almost nobody at the Pepsi Center was looking at 
it and surely nobody at all was listening to it. Watching on CNN --
gee, Wolf Blitzer is cumbersome in both body movement and in speaking -- 
I myself, who wanted to satisfy my Carter paranoia, in fact was all 
eyes and ears. But the random chatter took up all the space on the 
TV. Chatter mostly about nothing.

I suppose the filmlet was about how good a man Jimmah and how good a 
woman Rosalynn are. Innocent enough, although they are really 
quite rotten and bigoted besides. They are building houses for the 
poor (a good thing), probably to make sure that they get into the 
heaven they are certain is up there somewhere.

As for the speech the former president was scheduled to give, well, he 
didn't. Maybe the Obama folk took my caution seriously.