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As The Clintons Turn

More leakage from Clintonland about her relationship with Obama and the veep process. Will it never end? This is starting to feel like some long-running soap opera where every character has married, betrayed and divorced the other. It really is time to get over it; the primary was what it was but the Obamanauts have been more than respectful since then. If Obama loses for the reasons they envisioned, then the Clintonites will have their chance to crow in November. 

What can Hillary do in her speech tonight? Probably nothing to satisfy the true dead-enders. For the rest: Address women by hammering hard on what a president McCain would mean for the Supreme Court. For working-class white voters, I should think the message is as simple as reminding them they are generally less well off than they were eight years ago, and, yes, dare to remind them that the 90s were a pretty good time.

I don't even think Hillary needs to dwell too long on Obama specifically. Everyone knows there's tension and hard feelings--why dress it up with a bunch of insincere dreck about how wonderful he is? I do think she owes it to her party--as does Bill--to state clearly and firmly that Obama is prepared to be commander in chief, to take that 3am phone call. We'll see.

--Michael Crowley