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Obama Heavy: Mccain Known For "losing It"

Former Navy Secretary, Obama advisor, and potential future Defense Secretary Richard Danzig is at a Truman Project-sponsored panel here, where he's doing some gloating about recent Bush Administration foreign policy shifts: "The Obama national security policy seems to be driving the Pentagon these days," Danzig says.

A good moment came when Democratic Congressman Adam Smith of Washington, sitting in the audience, rose to ask Danzig for advice on how Democrats can deliver a tough foreign-policy message that will be credible to voters. When Danzig started to back euphemistically into the question, Smith--a proponent of tougher Obama campaign tactics generally--jumped back up. "Don't be subtle!" he implored. "Just hit! Just say, 'John McCain does not have an even temper, and how is that going to factor into national security?"

At that, Danzig played ball.

"I think John McCain is well-known for 'losing it' in a variety of circumstances," he said--something which has potential policy implications.

--Michael Crowley