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What's Missing From Hillary's Speech

I'll amend this if I'm mistaken but on first read of Hillary's speech text I see no clear, flat assertion that Obama is qualified and prepared to be commander in chief from day one, which of course was always her central critique of him. That was something I had expected to see.

Update: No, I was right. As commenters are noting, and a McCain statement issued shortly after Hillary finished, she did not take the preparedness question head on. Apart from that, though, she did about what I (ahem) predicted she would: Make a strong case against McCain--and not heap so much praise upon Obama as to seem transparently insincere.  As Ben Smith puts it: "Clinton did little to sell Obama's personal characteristics, his qualities or ability as commander in chief. She mentioned Obama 12 times, McCain 12 times."

And here's the upside to her failure to declare Obama "ready on day one": It sets up Bill for a chance to do it tomorrow. Stay tuned, 

--Michael Crowley