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Hillary’s Health Care Jab?

I haven't noticed anyone commenting on one curious remark from Clinton's speech. She said she "cannot wait to watch Barack Obama sign into law a health care plan that covers every single American." Through the primaries, on the campaign trail and in debates, Clinton routinely criticized Obama's proposed plan on this very point: for failing to provide universal coverage. The Obama healthcare plan does not include the controversial "individual mandate," a law that would require the purchase of health insurance. (It does, however, mandate coverage for all children.) Without the mandate, Clinton insisted, 15 million Americans would be left uninsured. That figure, hammered over, and over, and over again by Clinton, became symbolic--a reminder that healthcare reform was one of the only policy points on which the candidates significantly diverged. So what happened to those 15 million? And what was that comment about? Was it an oblique jab? Or a challenge to Obama?  Most likely it's a preview of where Clinton will stand in the battle over universal healthcare that is sure to ensue if Obama wins in November. A claim staked, if you will.

--Amanda Fortini