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Lieberman: I Do Too Want The Job

Bob Novak's column today, "Avoiding A Lieberman Disaster," claims that, though Joe is being seriously considered for veep by the McCain campaign, many people recognize it as a bridge too far, including Lieberman himself:

Lieberman surely doesn't know that much about Republican politics, but he has close Republican friends. One of them prevailed on Lieberman to tell McCain that a McCain-Lieberman ticket would be a disaster for all concerned, and especially for the GOP.

Not so, says Politico's Jonathan Martin:

A report out today that Joe Lieberman warned John McCain against selecting him to be on the GOP ticket is "totally and absolutely false," according to a Lieberman source who contacted Politico...

One person familiar with the situation said the Republican cited by Novak... was the source for the column and appeared to be "pushing an agenda."

Like most, I consider Romney a much more likely pick. But if McCain goes with his heart and taps Lieberman (or, to a lesser extent, Tom Ridge), the GOP convention could get awfully interesting.

--Christopher Orr