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Why Is No One Talking About Georgia And Iran?

I haven't watched all of the convention thus far. So I'm not sure whether anybody else mentioned it but her. Still, Hillary Clinton did mention "Putin in Georgia," and it is good that someone prominent at the Democratic convention took note of this brazen attack on a free people by someone who seems to have a yen for the Cold War. And towards his other neighbors a yen for hot war, besides.

Maybe Joe Biden will explain to his fellow Democrats what the deeper meanings of the invasion of Georgia are. He certainly knows.

And unless I am mistaken no one has yet mentioned Iran or, for that matter, Israel. It could be that these are also on Biden's agenda, and in a few hours we will know. But if they are not...

We know what the domestic priorities of the Democratic Party are, that is, its domestic priorities, quite vaguely. But everybody realizes that we cannot pay for all of the promises thus far made at the podium in Denver.

I yearn for some definitive words on the American relationship with the world. Alas, that is the deep fault line in the party. Many Democrats don't want any relationship with the world except what comes after the Kyoto accord and, oh, yes, support for AIDS medicines, which the Bush administration did relatively well (yes, relatively), in any case. The Democrats won't be worse.

The fact is that most of the Democrats who we need to return to the fold are not about to permit the peaceful victory of 1989-1990 in central Europe to be overturned. I, too, am listening for an echo of Hillary Clinton...and more.