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How Did Obama Do? A Tnr Round-up.

John Judis claims Obama's speech was just what the doctor ordered, hitting on change, American promise, and the idea of "one America."

Jonathan Chait thinks Obama successfully tapped into themes of patriotism and unity, and "inoculated" himself against the attacks from McCain's camp.

Jonathan Cohn compares Obama's nomination acceptance to his 2004 convention keynote address.

Michael Crowley was skeptical about the wisdom of ending on an MLK reference.

Ben Wasserstein gave Obama high marks for his decision to take on "God, guns, and gays" in a broad-minded and moderate way.

Noam Scheiber was struck by how self-aware and strategically sound his speech was.

Robert Gordon and James Kvaal discuss how Obama's speech reinforces the fact that he is impossible to pigeonhole ideologically.

Franklin Foer looks at the merits of going first and how this speech just made McCain's job a lot harder.

Derek Chollet commends Obama's "staunch" brand of patriotism and his display of confidence regarding national security.

Katherine Marsh offers a dissenting opinion on the effectiveness of last night's speech, seeing onstage a candidate who couldn't connect with his audience.

John McWhorter also finds fault in Obama's convention finale and the "ordinariness" of his speech.