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A Shortened Gop Convention: Blessing In Disguise

The Page reports that the Republican convention might be "trimmed, altered or even suspended for a day or two" thanks to Hurricane Gustav, now rolling towards the Gulf Coast.

The first reaction will be that it's a hardship for Republicans to change their convention plans, but actually I think a diminished convention could be a very good outcome for the GOP. Scaled back to a two- or even one-day greatest-hits event, it wouldn't be as evident that the RNC had been scrounging for speakers and a lot of prominent Republicans never showed. And if, in the new compressed schedule, there just wasn't time for a Bush-Cheney night, would anybody shed a tear?

Update: Yup, Bush and Cheney won't be attending the convention. Pity, that! What a shame! But, you know, in any situation where looting is a possibility, Number Two armed with his 28-gauge is indispensable; we're sure you understand ...

--Eve Fairbanks