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A Wasted Day: Gustav 1 Mccain 0

Some were speculating that Gustav might give John McCain an opportunity to appear Presidential and in charge on the first day of his convention.


Yesterday was a wasted day in Minneapolis. Instead of attacks on Barack Obama and praise of John McCain the American people heard weather reports and news of Sarah Palin's family.

Conventions are four part acts, carefully scripted and plotted to tell a complex story. Yesterday the GOP had to throw out Act 1, and readjust acts 2-4. 

The news today is filled with questions about McCain's judgement in picking Sarah Palin. These stories threaten to overshadow act 2.

At the same time Senator McCain attempts to put his convention back together, the Democrats have latched on to an important character attack against him.

During our primary against Senator Obama his campaign countered with "judgement" every time we shouted "experience." The fact that it is now Senator McCain's judgement being called into question over his Veep pick plays right into Senator Obama's hands.

On Sunday Senator Kerry, who has become one of Senator Obama's best surrogates, called Senator McCain's judgement "erratic." It was the first time I have heard an Obama surrogate use that term to describe Senator McCain. There is no question it won't be the last.

--Howard Wolfson