On TNR.com today, Isaac Chotiner probes the mind of Charles Barkley, burgeoning politico and broadcaster extraordinaire. The wide-ranging conversation covers everything from Barkley's fear of technological progress to his plans to run for governor of Alabama. Here are some choice snippets.

Barkley on electronic correspondence: 

Did you see the tribute to Teddy Kennedy?

I did not. I was flying in.

You should check it out online.

I have to get a computer first.

You should get on that.

I have made it these first 45 years without a computer. It is probably too late for me now.


I just got emails! Quit pushing me.

Barkley on ideological labels:

But Charles, you don't think you've become more liberal?

More liberal? I do not use words like liberal or conservative. You can ask me a question and I will give you an answer. Those are words rich people on television use to divide and conquer. I am pro-choice. And if gay people want to get married, that is none of my business. God bless them.

Anyway, there's much more Barkley-ian goodness to be found here

--Eric Zimmermann