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Rick Davis On What To Expect In St. Paul

Just a final nugget from that breakfast this morning with Rick Davis et al. Davis said the campaign was trying to squeeze most of the originally-planned speakers into the next three days, so stay tuned for some long evenings (or, more precisely, some densley-packed late afternoons). Also, it sounded to me like the nod to Gustav was going to be slightly less explicit attacks on Obama, slightly more explicit focus on the "country first" theme--with all the obvious implications. We'll see how long that holds up.

Final thing: I haven't spent a ton of time watching or listening to Rick Davis this campaign cycle. But I have spent a little, and I've never seen him this wired. The guy was ready to jump out of his socks. Maybe it was just giddiness that the convention was moving forward in some recognizable form. St. Paul was, after all, one of the prizes he hung onto after Steve Schmidt took this summer.

--Noam Scheiber