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"a Mooseburger Means She Is One Of Us"

Republican Conference Chairman Rep. Adam Putnam, lashing out at those of us on the other side of the great mooseburger-eating divide:

The media doesn’t understand life membership in the NRA; they don’t understand getting up at 3 a.m. to hunt a moose; they don’t understand eating a mooseburger; they don’t understand being married to a guy who likes to snowmobile for fun. I am not surprised that they don’t get it. But Americans get it. A mooseburger means she is like one of us. She is not some jackass who’s "gone Washington."

The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

P.S. Putnam represents central Florida. What, does he shoot his own moose in the Everglades?

P.P.S. I also love the convergence of this campaigns 3 a.m. meme and its moose-hunting meme: Aha! So that's the ominous, mysterious thing a commander-in-chief needs to be ready for at 3 a.m.! "I'm so sorry to wake you, sir (or madam), but the moose have reached the outskirts of Washington, and they have demands ..."

--Eve Fairbanks