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Victim Politics, Gop Style

 From the hardest-working man in journalism, Politico's Mike Allen:

STEVE SCHMIDT’S “NO FURTHER COMMENT” STATEMENT, IN FULL: “Governor Sarah Palin is an exceptional governor with a record of accomplishment that exceeds, by far, the governing accomplishments of Senator Obama. Her selection came after a six-month long rigorous vetting process where her extraordinary credentials and exceptionalism became clear. This vetting controversy is a faux media scandal designed to destroy the first female Republican nominee for Vice President of the United States who has never been a part of the old boys network that has come to dominate the news establishment in this country. Senator McCain picked his governing partner after a long and thorough search. Governor Palin looks forward to addressing the nation and laying out the fundamental choice this election represents for the American people.

"The McCain campaign will have no further comment about our long and thorough process. This nonsense is over. It is time to begin the debate about how to win the two wars this country is engaged in; how to make this country energy independent; and how to create jobs for American families that are hurting. The American people get to do the vetting now on Election Day – Nov. 4." [emphasis mine]

For years now, conservatives have been bitching and moaning that the media mistreats them because journalists are all a bunch of godless, unpatriotic liberals. (The fact that John McCain owes his political prominence to his chummy relationship with the media has not prevented his campaign from puling as loudly as any.) Now it seems we're also a bunch of swaggering "good ol' boys" out to ruin poor, delicate governor Palin because she isn't one of us.

My god, when exactly did the Daddy Party get so wimpy and whiny? 

--Michelle Cottle