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Barr And Paul, Mia

Isn't it a little surprising what non-entities Ron Paul and Bob Barr have been here in Minneapolis? I know the McCain team is on guard for Paul-ites causing trouble on the convention floor, but they've got a whip team monitoring that and there's been no evidence of trouble thus far. Meanwhile other journos are reporting that the Paul events in town have been extremely boring. And Bob Barr almost seems to be going out of his way to avoid making news. I contacted one Barr's campaign hands yesterday asking for information on Barr events this week but he never followed up on my request.

Meanwhile Yglesias caught up with Barr who seemed awfully meek for someone seeking the nation's highest office. He also complained that he hadn't been invited to speak to Ron Paul's followers. It seems Bob Barr is to Ron Paul what Ron Paul is to John McCain.

Michael Crowley