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Sarah Palin As Sexy Librarian

Blogger and formal federal prosecutor David Lat, who has switched from supporting Hillary Clinton to supporting McCain-Palin, explains to Marc Ambinder the weighty, thoughtful reasoning behind his decision:

[Lat]:Well, some of my reasons for supporting Palin are a bit idiosyncratic, and independent of the minutiae of policy platform or her record on various issues.... [I]t's like being in love -- reason flies out the window!...
I enjoy being wickedly cynical about politics. So I find [Obama's] whole super-earnest worldview rather offputting. What I like about Palin is that she has his glibness, his surface appeal but you can't help thinking that behind those librarian glasses, she knows she is playing a role-- and playing it beautifully.
[Ambinder]: Who was that woman from "The Weakest Link?"
[Lat]: Oh, Anne something....
[Ambinder] Reminds me of her a little....
[Lat]: totally! "Joe Biden, you are the weakest link." Goodbye.

In (perhaps) unrelated news, according to a new Rasmussen poll Palin is viewed positively by 65 percent of men but just 52 percent of women.

--Christopher Orr