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...and Now We Hear From A Lubavitcher Rebbe

Wherever you go they are there. Go to Kinshasa and you'll find an  
emissary from Chabad. Go to La Paz and you'll find another one.   
There are hundreds of them around the world. And sometimes they are  
welcome welcomers, like when thousands of Israeli and other Jewish  
young people gather in Kathmandu for the Passover sedar.

Now a rabbi from the Hassidic movement of Lubavitch, Yosef Greenberg,  
the head of the branch in Alaska, where there might be 5000 Jews (more  
or less the the number of everybody on Wassila), has spoken up to  
testify that Sarah Palin is a good friend of the Jews and a great  
friend of Israel

There is scarce evidence on this matter, one way or another. I  
certainly don't attach much significance to the rumor that she was  
once seen wearing a Pat Buchanan button. Even if she did that doesn't  
make her an anti-Semite. It's more serious that MSNBC still carries him  
as a network commentator, him and his rancid feelings about Jews.

But the fact is that Palin has not been involved with Jews at all, and  
less so with Israel. How could she been otherwise? So this Lubavitch  
endorsement or, to be more accurate, the endorsement from the  
Lubavitch apparatus in Alaska is simply fatuous.  abbi Greenberg, why  
don't you just go back to saving young Jewish souls on their post-
adolescent treks through Alaska? And leave politics to the ordinary  
citizenry who don't need clerical guidance about how they should vote.