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Biden And Aipac

Sometimes I speak for AIPAC. Other times I speak to AIPAC. Yet other  
times I speak about AIPAC. I also contribute to AIPAC.  And there  
are even times when I speak against AIPAC. In the next ten days I  
will speaking at two events sponsored by AIPAC, no actually three. I  
know AIPAC very well. It is made up of deeply patriotic Americans who  
have a passion for and a stake in the security of Israel, God bless  

I don't know who ginned up this false spat between Joe Biden and  
AIPAC. But even I, bound to  
AIPAC in so many ways and over many years, don't believe that the  
organization is the only one from which you can get an intelligent and  
politically astute reading of where the American-Israeli relationship  
should be going. There are also the Washington Institute for Near  
East Policy, CAMERA, the President's Conference of Major American  
Jewish Organizations, the Shalem Center, dozens of others.

In any case, Joe Biden has proved that his friendship for Israel is  
axiomatic, as axiomatic as our friendship with England.

And here is an article I wrote on this matter ast week in the  
Jerusalem Post.