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A New Addition To Our Blogging Family

For the last few weeks, you may have noticed the presence of Howard Wolfson on the Plank. You undoubtedly know Howard from the primary campaign, where he was a tough, wry, and extremely smart advocate on behalf of Hillary Clinton. All that caught our attention—as did his ability to argue a point with logic and wit and a killer instinct. He had the makings, it seemed to us, of a natural blogger. And he had an itch to write. (See his other outpost Gotham Acme for his musings on indie rock.)  His posts were extremely successful. They provided a window into the dark art of the political operative and a sharp take of the political news of the hour. So, we decided that we wanted to read more.  Today, Howard launches his blog, The Flack. We’re sure you’ll find it essential reading over this final stretch. Enjoy.

--The Editors