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Stooping To The Biases Of People With Whom They Neither Pray, Nor Eat

It's amazing how even the cultivated and well-educated intellectuals of the right like (actually, my friend) Bill Kristol, who occasionally teaches political philosophy with Harvey Mansfield at Harvard, are eating up the slop that has been put out on the doorstep for them. There was not a single concession made to them in St. Paul, not a serious philosophical gloss that has been the pride (and prejudice) of the neoconservative theology for a quarter century. They are now egalitarians in the sense that they stoop to the biases of people with whom they never pray and never eat. And with whom they certainly never hunt. They may even be afraid of dogs.

Now, Kristol is about the best pedigreed of these Washington intellectuals, son of the elegantly learned Gertrude Himmelfarb (frequent contributor to TNR) and Irving Kristol, nephew of Milton Himmelfarb and editor of the Weekly Standard. But Bill has latched on to Sarah Palin as if she were Susan Sontag but on the other side of the street.

You may recall my posting after the speeches of Mayor Guiliani and the Republican candidate to succeed Dick Cheney. Kristol has taken offense at this and so has attacked me in this morning's New York Times. Take a look.