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About That Bridge....


Senior adviser Mark Salter pointed to her role in killing the project while in office and allocating the money elsewhere. When pressed further that it was actually Congress that stopped the earmark, Mr. Salter said: "She stopped it, too. She did her part." Mr. Salter added that he welcomed a fight over earmarks with the Obama campaign.

I wondered about this yesterday. The claim that Sarah Palin "stopped" the bridge to nowhere is so blatantly dishonest that the McCain team had to know it would become at least a mid-sized media fixation. But I suspect they figured that a) more people will believe the advertisement than will see or believe the debunking and, perhaps more important b) it will start "a fight over earmarks with the Obama campaign"--a fight which will quickly stop being about the bridge specifically and play generally to one of McCain's few issues advantages over Obama (by pure dint of McCain's years of obsessive pork-fighting in the Senate).

P.S. In case you missed it, a Stump item I wrote on this yesterday makes a cameo in Obama's latest TV ad, believe it or not.... 

--Michael Crowley