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"wrong About Iraq"?

How does Obama--does anybody--let McCain get away with saying that about his opponent? Even granting McCain the surge's success, that's clearly secondary to the original decision to go to war. Yet Obama has virtually dropped the issue that once defined his candidacy. He must fear that McCain's fresher surge position trumps his 2002 war position, or maybe just that he has to focus on the economy. But one reason he may be sputtering is that the issue which got him here in the first place is losing its punch. (One reason why we have the luxury, so to speak, of a campaign that is becoming all about culture and character.) Also, I maintain my position that Maliki (perhaps inadvertently) did Obama no favors by calling for an exit timeline which seems to have taken the withdrawal-versus-100-years argument off the table. 

Update: And, lo, now Obama looks to put Iraq back on the table.

--Michael Crowley