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Dc Handwringing

If I had my way I would be in Utica, New York right now.

When we first discussed where to put the Clinton campaign's headquarters I half-seriously argued for Utica, on the theory that the further away from Washington, D.C. we were, the better off we would be.  

Outside of the beltway there would be fewer distractions, and most importantly, less pressure to succumb to Washington, DC group-think.

The Obama campaign understood this and located in Chicago.  In the end we chose to plant our flag in Arlington.

There were periods during 2007 when the smart money in the beltway began to write Senator Obama off -- but safely ensconced half a continent away, the Obama campaign stuck to their strategy, and were able to ignore the naysayers. 

In the last couple of days those handwringers have returned, wondering what the Obama campaign should be doing differently to respond to John McCain. 

My hope, and expectation, is that Team Obama will remain as disciplined and focused as they have been throughout the campaign's entirety and avoid getting thrown off their game

It's funny, the same DC wiseguys who confidently predicted a McCain Convention bump ten days ago are now running about waving their arms in the air nervously now that the bump has arrived.

Senator Obama has built the best brand in politics by waking up every day and talking about change.  And he has held a lead throughout this contest by defining his opponent as more of the same.  And he certainly shouldn't stop now.

 --Howard Wolfson