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Mark Cuban: What Obama Should Do Next

Barack Obama is slumping. Poll numbers are down. Enthusiasm is down. Democrats, once again, are freaking. So, we asked a few folks, from different walks of life, to offer their opinion on what Obama should do to improve his standing. Here's what Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban wrote in response:

Obama has fallen into the traditional campaign trap of, "Follow me, watch me, listen to me. When my VP candidate does something, talk about him as well." That's a linear campaign and that's a huge mistake.

Obama needs to take a page from Ron Paul, maybe even hiring some of his people to energize the millions of Obama-ites to organize events, overwhelm blogger comment sections, Twitter, YouTube, and flood the inboxes of every blogger, media commentator, and personality.

The followers of Ron Paul became the story. Their events, their energy.

Obama needs to encourage his followers to organize, promote, discuss, and get media for their own events, with the net effect of reaching and registering more voters--but more importantly, overwhelming bloggers and media with all the events.

I would make sure that all these events are promoted, recorded, and streamed from the Obama site.

The interesting thing about Ron Paul's internet and real world efforts is that they haven't been negative. They have been positive feedback about their candidate rather than negative about the opposition.

If Obama can "Ron Paul" McCain before McCain does it to him, he could see a change.

--Mark Cuban