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Observing September 11: Like December 7, A Day Of Infamy

There will have been many words uttered by day's end. Respectful words, dignified words, mordant words, words of fright, words of bravery and resilience. Here and there from the Middle East we may also notice words of regret and even shame. But not many such words. In the Arab world and the Muslim Crescent blame is not usually taken on oneself. This is a culture adept at exporting responsibility for harm and loss, even tremendous harm and loss, directly on those who have suffered them. The more conspiratorial the more believable.

Here follow, under two rubrics from MEMRI, several mad and maddening verdicts of guilt for the September 11 massacres. The first one comes from Syria's former information minister blaming the enormity on the Bush administration.

The second links to several explanations distributing blame to lots of people, but it's all the same.

And, oh yes, a third one in which the Muslim cleric pits guilt on George Bush himself.