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The Perils Of Having A (more) Popular Running Mate

Want more evidence that the GOP ticket is now Palin-McCain? Check out this bit from Charlie Gibson's interview, which was flagged by Jonathan Martin:

If Palin was moving toward McCain on climate change, she suggested he would eventually come to her position on drilling in ANWR.

“We’ll agree to disagree but I’m gonna keep pushing that and I think eventually we’re all going to come together on that one," she told Gibson. 

It's S.O.P. for a running mate to change his or her views to correspond with those of the person at the top of the ticket. Remember how Joe Lieberman suddenly went from an affirmative action critic to an affirmative action booster after Al Gore picked him as his number two in 2000? Then again, we're in unchartered territory here with this current GOP ticket and its number two being more popular than its number one. Who can blame Palin for flexing her muscles a bit?

--Jason Zengerle